Natural Hardwood

The family at Western Sport Floors has demonstrated proficiency as a new floor installer. 

Our specialization is gymnasium floors, dance floors and other large area installations. 

We pride ourselves on quality and provide solutions with proven positive results.  In order to see an example of our workmanship visit our Floor Repair page where we have a video of our crew tearing out, and replacing a gymnasium floor. 

Our knowledgeable and friendly staff can answer any questions you may have, and direct you to the resources that will assist you in completing your project.  If you have a current project scheduled a list of common job site practices can be found at the Crew Arrival page.


Below you will find information regarding our dealership of natural hardwood floors.  Thank you for choosing a Western Sport Floor.





Maple Flooring is the number one preferred sports surface for a variety of reasons.

Maple flooring has been called "nature's perfect flooring" mainly because of its natural shock absorbency and area elasticity.

Naturally Shock Absorbent: Being naturally shock absorbent means extra give for long hours on the basketball court preserving joints in the knee and ankle.

Area Elasticity: Area elasticity is desirable for cosmetic purposes. A natural material that has area elasticity means the individual pieces can expand and contract at will without compromising the integrity of the whole.



Why Natural Wood Floors

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