Jordan Nelson

Jordan Nelson Web Profile


Jordan is a know-it-all college graduate with an analytical approach to every challenge on the job.  Thanks to a piece of paper that says he has a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Finance, one can generally see him in the background at a job site analyzing the impact of qualitative mechanisms and regressing them against different exogenous variables.  Whatever that means.

Coordinating efforts with other crews and sitting in his passenger seat office, he claims to have the best office view of anyone has he and his fearless band of crew members venture into the vast expanses known to most as the Mountain West.  Nothing gets in the way of this Crew Leader, even if a little paint is spilled along the way.

“I traded four years of my life for a piece of paper with some Latin on it calling me a Bachelor” says Jordan, “One thing I enjoy most about the family business is having the opportunity to get one up on the old man!”

Jordan is currently one of the courtline painters and is one of five children to the owner known affectionately as “the old man”.  He lives in Missoula and spends the winter and sometimes the summer in the mountains.