Bo Nelson

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Bo has a genius that is not unrecognized in the academic world; however, he has chosen to apply himself to the family business instead of being a faceless cog in a large engineering firm.  It is because of Bo the family business stays afloat as he clogs up any financial leakages with a floor sanding team that would rival… well… the best floor sanding team out there.

Bo and his band of rag tag outlaws roar north, south east and west behind his 300 turbo boosted diesel dark horses to the farthest corners of the Wild West in search of wood floors to refinish.  Bo has logged hundreds of hours on his Mack Ryder and so much so that, in fact, the seat is perfectly shaped to his backside.

“The sanders talk to me” says Bo.  He can feel even the slightest vibration and claims to have run over 237 ants and 148 flies while sanding gym floors.  Bo currently runs the research and development lab and has plans that would rival Space-X in technology.

Bo lives in Missoula as well and currently is engaged to his girlfriend.  He looks forward to taking the old finish of your floor in order to bring back the vibrant maple color.